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Adnoc Hydraulic oil H68 20KG


• Very low viscosity variations with temperature.
• High shear stability.
• Excellent water separation, air release and anti-foam properties.
• Excellent oxidation resistant.
• Excellent filterability.
• Efficient anti-wear performance.
• Rust and corrosion protection.
• Seal and paint compatibility.
Meet the following specifications
Denison HFO and HF2.
Vickers 35VQ25.
Cincinnati Machine P-68, P-69, P-70.
DIN 51524 Part 2&3.
AFNOR NFE-48-603 (HM), (HV)
Denison T6C-20 Vane Pump.
AFNOR NE 48-690, NF E-48-691

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HYDRAULIC OIL HP are premium quality hydraulic oils of high viscosity index. They are blended from high quality
base oils incorporated with special additives that impart superior viscosity/temperature characteristics, anti-wear
and oxidation inhibitors. They also provide excellent wear protection in hydraulic and circulation system, good air
release properties and they remain suitable for widely varying ambient temperatures.
HYDRAULIC OIL HP are specially suited for hydraulic systems which are subjected to extreme temperature suitable
for hydraulic system subjected to wide variation in temperature or where low viscosity change with fluctuating
temperature is required in addition to comply with the applications of HYDRAULIC OIL H requirements.